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Personalized Circuits

Traveler's Authentic way of exploration, Hikes-Tours are organized by level of difficulty according to your choosing. We carefully selected family and sporting paths, so everyone can feel comfortable & safe.

Chilled and relaxed, Road-Trips Tours allow you to entirely enjoy the Highlights with minimum efforts. Access to the Sites will be only few minutes away by walk from the car.

Check at the Highlights List below and Take a look at some Tours examples proposed by Naxos Discovery.

Of course it is possible to mix it up as you please and you are more than Welcome to do so. Theses are JUST some examples.
This is Your Day-Trip, make it Your Own !


- Temple of Demeter

- Portara / Temple of Apollo

- Kouros of Flerio
- Geometrical Cemetery & Menhir

-Ancient Sanctuary of Flerio

- Mycenaean Remains

- Dyonisos Sanctuary
- Ancient Aqueduc



- Fotodoti

- Bazeos Tower

- Pradouna Tower
- Apano Kastro...


- Panagia Drossiani
- Agios Giorgos Diasoritis
- Monastery of Kalamitsia
- Agios Mamas

- Kaloritssas Monastery
- Agios Isidoros



- Zas Cave

- Zas Mountain

- Secret Waterfall

- Alyko juniper Forest
- Garinou Spings
- Dymalia

- Laguna



- Halki / Filoti / Moni

- Potamia / Melanes

- Kinidaros / Danakos

-  Apiranthos / Sagri


Zas Mountain
Zas Summit
Zas' view
Zas Cave
Zas view
Zas Cave
Zas Hike




Highest Summit of the Cycladic Islands, ZAS Mountain is one of the Highlight of Naxos. (Altitude 1004m)
Climbing up requires some effort but the Final Reward goes beyond words. The 360° Panoramic view over the others Cyladic Islands is just Magical and Breathtaking !

- Family Path : starting up from a Chapel and slowly climbing along the North Crest     up to the summit. Walk among pastureland and rocky landscapes to the top.This path is a bit longer but less physical.

- Sporting Trail : starting up from Aria Spring, passing by the Impressive Zas' Cave.
If you dare, we can explore its underground before heading up to the facing moutain. Beware : The 2nd part of this trail is only reserved to people with good physical health. To keep moving, climbling rocks is sometimes required.

During the Hikes you will enjoy the beauty of Naxos Natural Landscapes, observe a rich greek mountain's Flora and if you are lucky, you might get the chance to watch some Eagles & Vultures.

On the way to Zas Mount, we will pass by the Traditionnal mountains villages of Halki & Filoti. Ideal for a refreshing break before or after the Ascent.

It is Definitely a Memorable Experience that you will never forget !

Flerio Hike
Ancient Quarry's View
Kouros of Flerio
Agios Mamas
Oliv Trees path
Ancien Sancturary

KOUROS of Flerio


The Rich and Luxuriant valley of Melanes and Potamia overflows with interesting Archaelogical Sites.

Discover the famous Kouros of Naxos, unfinished giant statues dating from Antique Greece, still laying on the ground thousands of years later in its ancient Marble quarries.

In this area the Flora is particulary rich, just ask us to show you around the different flowers & aromatic plants, we know where to find them.

In the Shade of the orchards and Olive trees, rediscover the past.

Have a look at the Ancient Sanctuary of Flerio and make a quick detour by the Ancient Aqueduct.

Follow the Path to the Charming Villages of Potamia. Walk along the stream and Reach one of the oldest church of Naxos, Agios Mamas.

Temple of DEMETER


 Sagri aera has many Treasures to offer.

History Lovers, you will love the Temple of Demeter visit, very well preserved dating from Ancient Greece.

Surrounded by farms, fields and countryside, take some time to admire these beautiful Ruins and listen to the Mythology stories.

If you feel like it, you can have a quick stop at the interesting on-site small Museum.

We also selected for you in the area, small Byzantine Churches, sometimes not even on maps, but holding inside outstanding Ancient Frescoes, amazingly well preserved!

On the way, let's have a detour to watch the nice Bazeos Tower.

And if you feel like it, ask your mentor to point you out the Secret Cave Monastery, with its underground old church...

Temple of Demeter
Demeter Temple
Sagri Area
Temple of Demeter
Ancient Frescoes
Bazeos Tower
Ancient Monastery
Stellio Lizard
Naxos Laguna
Secret Waterfall
Garinou Spring Hike
Wild Orchids
Garinou Spring Hike
Heron at the Laguna


Nature Hikes & Tours

Vast Playground, Naxos offer many Hikes possibilities. This is why we selected for you some of the Best Ones, regarding a Nature thematic.

Garinou Spring : Let your mentor take you to the refreshing Spring through the rocky natural landscape. Surrounded by fragrant pink wild oleanders, you can observe some wild Balkan pond Turtles, freshwater Crabs & Frogs. This little natural Oasis is definitely surprising in a place like this.

Secret Waterfall : After a nice walk along Greek natural landscapes, get your reward and discover the Secret Waterfall. The spectacular plunge of 20 meters will surprise you ! Up against it, a small lake, ideal for a refreshing quick summer bath if you dare ! Balkan pond Turtles & crabs can also be observed there.

Laguna : Not far from Chora, you can find the Laguna. Protected area, it's Birds' Paradise. Nature lovers, you can observe the different species with the pair of binoculars at your disposal. Fan of Ornithology, we will be pleased to share wtih you more information regarding Naxos birds. Herons, Aigrettes, Avocets, Black Ibis... and even sometimes Flamingos can be watched ! Keep your eyes opened...


Tragea valley

The vast area of Drymalia is a wonderful playground for hiking. Its rolling Hills offer nice and easy exploring paths.

On the circuit you will discover this unique rocky landscape that feels like you are walking on the Surface of The Moon !

Cross the mysterious and large Geometrical Cemetery. These circle tombs were containing beautiful golden treasures that can be admired at the Naxos Archeological Museum.

Then go and try to find the One and Only large cycladic Menhir, Prehistoric souvenir of the Past.

You will finally reach the Apano Kastro. An ancient Fortress standing up on the hill top, with huge fortificated walls all around it.

Mysterious and magical, this Hike is a relaxed one. Isolated, the place offers quiet and peace.

Geometrical Cemetery
Drymalia's Hike
Apano Kastro
Saturnia Buterfly
Fotodoti Monastery
Kalamitsia Monastery
Secret Cave Church
Fotodoti's Gate
Fotodoti's View



Still remains on Naxos some Hidden Gems, unknown from general public and sometimes even from its own inhabitants... Follow us and let's explore those Special and Unusual places !

Secret Monastery : This Byzantine Monastery, is located on a hill. More looking like a fortified Tower, it is facing the Aegan Sea, the view is just breathtaking. Climb on top of it and enjoy this outstanding view.

The Byzantine Cave Church : On a moutain slope, you can explore this Ancient ruined Monastery. Hidden in it, a very old Cave Church with some nice frescoes still remaining. From there, enjoy the nice view over the whole area.

The Hidden Jesuit Monastery : In the middle of nowhere, this old Jesuit Monastery ruins, is composed of large buildings, still in a pretty shape. Let's have a look inside. In the Monastery complex we can find a superb old Dovecote. Enjoy the Peace & Tranquillity of the place.

CHORA, Kastro & Portara

Explore the Old Town

Main city of Naxos, Chora is very Dynamic & Interesting.

Explore the Old Town of Chora.

Let's get lost on the tiny typical streets, admire the nice and old Venetian Mansions and their marble decorations among the boutiques.
Explore the Labyrinth up to the Kastro & the Glezos Tower.

Have a detour to the Mycenean Remains if you like.

The catholic part of the Old Town offers some nice churches. Go and check the unique double Icon inside the so called "Cathedral".

Explore on Palatia the Famous & Emblematic Portara of Naxos, known from all around the world. The Temple of Apollo is just the perfect spot to watch the Sunset !


View of Chora
Palatia Sunset
Chora' Old Town
Katro of Chora
Portara by Night
Old town
Temple of Apollo
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