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My name is Nicolas, and I'm a 32 yo French guy that has decided to settle down on Naxos Island.

After graduating my Clinical Psychology & Psychopathology Degree, and 10 years living in Paris, I felt like it was time for me to get a change of life.

Nature Lover since I was a young kid, I always ran the forests, the coutryside fields or the mountains in a search of new discoveries & wildlife observations. Always the nose in my naturalist books, I developed a strong passion about Wildlife & Nature in general. Most of this knowledge has also been inherited from my Granfather, an amazing talented botanist & nature collector.
Many years of bird breeding and bird watching have made me proficient in Ornithology.

History Lover, and especially fan of Archaeology and Ancient Civilizations, Greece was the ideal playground to settle down.

Fan of Art & Antiques, I spent lots of time wandering museums.
I also developed a strong taste for Photography, trying to immortalize my explorations & discoveries. (all the website pictures are mine)

These Passions have led me to Travel all around the World, discovering new Cultures, new Landscapes & Horizons.
Curious & generous of nature, I always liked to share my passions with others.

Frequent Traveler, I am always in a search of Authentic visits, far away from the crowded tourist attractions ! Focusing on exchanging with others, that is why I created "Naxos Discovery", trying to build a special place where anyone can feel privileged to live real Nature and History Explorations.

Sporty guy, hiking and trekking for hours with my dog never scared me !

So let's pack, put your shoes on and let me take you on a Memorable Day-Trip !


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